Anna DeSimone

Anna DeSimone
Anna DeSimone is a renowned writer as well as the winner of various book awards. She has expertise in housing, fair lending, and mortgage practice. She has her abode in Manhattan and usually pays her visit on television and radio.

Her various articles on homeownership have recently been published by multiple media giants such as Money Magazine,, MSN Money. She is the pioneer of Bankers Advisory.

She has won three national book awards that are mentioned below:

  • Her book Housing Finance has won her Axiom Business Book Award
  • Her book” Welcome to the Agrihood” has won her two awards that include the Pinnacle Award in Home & Garden
  • And the Living Now Evergreen Award in Nature Conservation for the book “Welcome to the Agrihood
  • Apart from that, Anna has been a financial expert and writer for our website. She has been the former CEO and founder of Bankers Advisory, a compliance audit service firm owned and run by Clifton Larson Allen LLP. She has written at least 40 guidebooks for various industry professionals.

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